Our Story

We are Matt and Jenni, along with our six children, Jocie, Ethan, Aubrie, Gideon, Perlie and Isaiah (we call him Ike). Our extended family goes well beyond this. They are the uniquely talented, endlessly encouraging circle of friends and employees that keep us up and make us go. They are our greatest blessing. We got our start in 2009 with the purchase of a small health food store in our hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin. Since then, with incredible community, employee and family support, our business doubled in size and expanded to include The Luncheonette (natural, local or organic freshly made from scratch bakery, coffee shop and lunch counter) and FreshMade Apothecary Counter (natural, local or organic freshly-produced body care and herbal medicine products). Our company is passionate about integrating natural foods and medicines into a holistic and happy lifestyle. We pride ourselves in honest transparency. We make it a priority to align ourselves with other small sustainable business families that work to support one another for the greater good.