Double the life of your soap

Dry Dock Floating Bar Holder (Case)


1 piece: Approximately 2″ x 2″ with sticky adhesive backing.

Note: A bottle cap is included with each dry dock.
All FreshMade Professional shampoo and conditioner bars come with a cap embedded into each bar.

Attach to any clean, smooth, hard surface, such as sinks, shower walls, tubs, tile etc. Adhesive is easily and safely removed with adhesive remover such as orange essential oil.

Not recommended for use on dry wall, painted surfaces, or wallpaper.


Dry Dock is made from Plant-Based, Eco-Plastic
Made in the USA | Antigo, WI

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Case | 12 (You choose your colors, can be assorted colors) +  first time placement orders receive a FREE dry dock. (color chosen will be one that you have chosen already)
SRP 155.88 | Wholesale 93.53

Zero – Waste Magnetic Soap Holder

Works with all…..
Soap | Shampoo Bar | Conditioner Bar
Solid Face Wash | Dishwashing Bar
Laundry Stain Removing Sticks
Lotion Bar | Body Butter Bar

Double the life of your soap

So Easy & Neat

  1. Peel off backing

  2. Stick to clean wall, shower or sink

  3. Push any bottle cap into the soap or bar 

Can be attached to any clean smooth surface, such as sinks, shower walls, tubs, tile etc.
Attached Horizontal, Vertical or Upside Down (like under a shelf)



Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With

Additional information


Sage Grass, Pink Pottery, Soft Clay, Matte Pearl, Sea Stone, Charcoal, Brown Stone

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