Double the life of your soap

Dry Dock Floating Bar Holder


1 piece: Approximately 2″ x 2″ with sticky adhesive backing.

Note: A bottle cap is included with each dry dock.
All FreshMade Professional shampoo and conditioner bars come with a cap embedded into each bar.

-if removed, the adhesive may leave a mark on wallpaper or painted surfaces

Dry Dock is made from Plant-Based, Eco-Plastic
Made in the USA | Antigo, WI

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Zero – Waste Magnetic Soap Holder

Works with all…..
Soap | Shampoo Bar | Conditioner Bar
Solid Face Wash | Dishwashing Bar
Laundry Stain Removing Sticks
Lotion Bar | Body Butter Bar

Double the life of your soap

So Easy & Neat

  1. Peel off backing

  2. Stick to clean wall, shower or sink

  3. Push any bottle cap into the soap or bar 

Can be attached to any clean smooth surface, such as sinks, shower walls, tubs, tile etc.
Attached Horizontal, Vertical or Upside Down (like under a shelf)



No More Messy Soap Dishes

Clean wall: The best preparation is to clean the wall with water and cloth. Some cleaning products leave a smear layer that can damage the adhesive. Press the dry dock firmly around all the edges, so no liquid can get behind the dock. Once the dry dock sticks, you can clean as usual.

Surfaces: Stainless steel, tiles, glass and other smooth surfaces are no problem. The sticker sticks to anything that is smooth.

Warm is better than cold. Our sticker is of high quality and adheres quickly and long-term to almost all surfaces. The only exception is cold. So if the sticker is fresh out of the mail or your bathroom isn’t heated, you should wait to install it. Both the wall and the decal should be at room temperature or warmer. If this is not the case, you can help with a hairdryer.

Will the bottle cap fall out of the soap or bar?
No! Once its in it stays nice a firm. It even helps to hold together your bar’s last bits when it gets small.

Can I use any bottle cap?
Yes you can, as long as it is a standard bottle cap that sticks to a magnet (which is basically all bottle caps)

The bottle cap came out of my bar, what do I do?
If the bar is very soft, the cap many pull away from the bar. Try sticking the cap into the other side of the bar and letting it setup over night. You should be good to go!

Which surfaces are suitable for the Dry Dock?
Anything smooth and flat works well. An exception is ceramics with a special seal or “lotus effect” coating to which nothing sticks for long.

We have successfully tested various materials over the long term, including tiles, glass, stainless steel, smooth stone, wood, concrete, mirrors, normal ceramics, acrylic, polypropylene and a few other materials that are rare in bathrooms and kitchens.

The Dry Dock also sticks to smooth, painted and plastered walls. However, soap residue is difficult to remove without removing the paint.

Can the Dry Dock be relocated?
You should be able to gently pop it off of your sink, shower, or wall with the help of a butter knife or something like that. Remove leftover adhesive from the backside of the dry dock and clean with alcohol. Replace with a new adhesive sticker and attach on the new surface. 

Does the bottle cap scratch your skin?
Fortunately, the soap shrinks evenly around the crown cap, so that the crown cap is enclosed in the soap until almost the end and its “edged” side is stuck in the soap. If there is only a tiny piece of soap left in the bottle cap, we recommend starting a new soap.

At the very end, you will have a piece of product still inside the cap. Just pop it out and use the last bits. The little cap helps you to use every last drop. Either recycle the cap or use it again.

By the way, soap can also be combined with each other. Simply connect the small old and new pieces together wet and let them dry.

Is the bottle cap rusting?
Bottle caps have a protective coating on them that protects them from rusting. If you reuse the same cap multiple times this may eventually wear off and you may start to notice a little rust appearing. You can just use a new one next time.

Does the Dry Dock also work with special soaps?
In short, yes. Soaps can be very different. Olive oil soaps are very hard and need to be soaked a bit. Solid shampoos can sometimes be porous, so a little moisture helps here too. Depending on the nature of the soap or shampoo, it may be necessary to experiment a bit. There were no problems with 90% of the products we tested.

Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With

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Sage Grass, Pink Pottery, Soft Clay, Matte Pearl, Sea Stone, Gray Limestone

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