Great for Castor Oil Packs!

Eco-Soft Natural Flannel Cloth


5 clothes
8″ x 8″

  • Mop up any spills and wipe hands
  • Easy to wash and dry with no special washing instructions
  • Great to keep in your bag for messy emergencies on the road
  • Gentle Enough for Baby`s face, hands, and bottom 
  • Eco-Friendly alternative to throw-away paper towels, napkins, and wipes
  • Reduce waste 


Castor Oil Pack Instructions: 

1) Fold to make a pack of appropriate size, and saturate with castor oil. (Oil may be preheated or used with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Do not use heat if infection or fever is present or suspected.)

 2) Position the pack over the affected area, cover it with more dry flannel cloths to protect clothing, and add a heated pad if desired. 

3) Allow the pack to remain for an hour or more.

100% Unbleached Natural Cotton Flannel

Great For: Castor Oil Therapy Packs | Face Cloths | Make-up Removing | Baby Wipes | Casual Everyday Napkins

Long Lasting Eco-Friendly
  • Reusable and durable

  • Soft and Sensitive Skin Friendly 

  • Easy to Wash and Quick Drying

  • Long Lasting Eco-Friendly

  • Chemical Free

  • Fast-absorption cotton

Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With

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