Fresh Breath Tooth Brushing Minerals w/ Charcoal


Aroma Profile: minty
Size: 2 oz

Once daily, wet a soft toothbrush and take a little powder dip. Start your amazing mouth brushing.

When using our Fresh Breath with Charcoal….Folks, your entire mouth will look like a Halloween nightmare, thanks to the activated coconut charcoal and clay (In the charcoal blend only) It is lifting bacteria and whitening your teeth even deep into the gums.

Calcium hydroxyapatite, magnesium phosphorus, (Activated Coconut Charcoal) activated carbon, (Xylitol), Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Trace Minerals, , Cannabis Sativa (full spectrum, phytonutrient cannabinoid & terpene rich, whole plant extract hemp from local, Glory Acre’s Farm in Polar, Wisconsin), (Myrrh) commiphora myrrha, (Frankincense Oil) boswellia carteri, Essential Oils

Shelf life 24 months

Re-mineralizing Tooth Powder
Anti-Sensitivity | Enamel Building | Anti-Plaque

honestly natural ingredients


Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With

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2 oz tub, 2 oz refill pouch

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