Immune Booster Tea


Size: 35 gram pouch

Add one teaspoon of tea blend per 8 ounces of hot water.
Cover and steep 5-10 minutes. Enjoy as is or add honey or
sweetener as desired. DELICIOUS HOT OR COLD.

Hibiscus*, Ginger*, Peppermint*, Rosehips*,  Tested, Clean Grown Hemp by Glory Acre’s Farm in Polar, Wisconsin, Echinacea*, Astragalus*, Elderflower*, Yarrow*, Stevia*, Licorice*, Natural Flavors and Essential Oils*. *Organic

Shelf Life 18 months


Swell for…the cold and flu season, classroom dwellers, moms
& dads, the exhausted & run down. Folks with runny noses, friends with coughs, and everyone exposed to the “the bad bugs”.

honestly natural ingredients

0 carbs - 0 sugar - 100% satisfying

Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With


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