Repel + Itch Stop


See Ticked Bug Spray and Itch Stop  product pages for complete details of each product.

See Ticked Bug Spray and Itch Stop  product pages for complete details of each product.

Spray: (Purified Water), (Rose Geranium) Pelargonium Graveolens, (Frankincense) Boswellia Carterii, (Myrrh) Commiphora Myrrha, (Neem Oil) Azardirachta Indica, (Patchouli) Pogostemon Cablin, (Peppermint) Mentha Piperita, (Clove) Eugenia Caryophyllata, (Orange Wax) Citrus Aurantium Dulcis, (Natural Food Grade Polysorbate 20), (Vitamin E)Tocopherol

Itch Stop: Itch Stop: (Witch Hazel) Hamamelis Virginiana Distillate, Alcohol, (Purified Silver), (Zinc), (Clay) Bentonite, (Activated Coconut Charcoal) Carbo activatus, (Helichrysum) Helichrysum italicum, (Frankincense) Boswellia carterii, (Myrrh) Commiphora myrrha, (Chamomile) Anthemis nobilis, (Essential Oil Blend), purified extract taken from the stalk of certified organic agricultural hemp (Cannabis Sativa), (Natural Food Grade Polysorbate 20)

Shelf life 24 months

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND – Current order that contain Ticked Bug Spray will not ship until 6/9/2023

Ticked Bug Spray + Itch Stop

Specifically formulated for:
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honestly natural ingredients

Yes, It really works!

l don`t know about you; but we are TICKED with the disease transferring blood sucking bugs that inhabit our planet! We are also TICKED about the toxic chemical choices available to try to repel them. Furthermore, we are not so impressed with many of the essential oil blends that either are un-pleasent to smell or simply don`t work. Ticked Blood Sucking Bug Spray is totally natural and is time tested by our brave but faithful family and friends. This is the formula that everyone enjoys and they say is “The Bomb”. There are even a few super cool peeps that use it as perfume. An advertising slogan could go…”Attract a mate but repel the bugs you hate”….Hmmmmmm. What do you think?

Pairs Perfect With

Pairs Perfect With

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